【 Info of the region 】

Ito City is located in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture, It is a famous tourist destination with easy access to the city center, which will arrive in less than two hours if you use expressway from Tokyo Saitama Kanagawa
The annual average temperature is 15.6 ℃ and has a temperate climate. Except for areas with high altitudes, it is rare that they will fall below 0 ° C even in winter.
In the city there are all natural resources such as a beautiful ocean, abundant forest and rivers that can mountain, lake and sweetfish.
It is also famous as a hot spring resort and boasts the third largest discharge in Japan (* Power spill “The hot spring published by the Japan Hot Spring Association Vol. 70, 2000 Survey”).
Special products are dried fish and horse mackerel of horse mackerel. Along the national highway, a pair of eaves are joined together, and in the mountain area there is a farmhouse where you can enjoy mandarin hunting.
Below we summarize the features of each region of the city.

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