Shizuoka HigashiIzu

(日本語) 【予約OK!】「プライベートリゾート碧海」 静岡県東伊豆町のおすすめ民泊・貸別荘・コテージ

(日本語) 絶景!伊豆のリアス式海岸を望むラグジュアリー温泉サウナ付1棟貸切宿
  Today's price 15,825yen/Per night Per 1person
※The same rate for up to 4 people.Please select the correct number of people even within the same price. Children must be counted as one from 3 years old and over. Additional people will be charged from the 5th person.A separate cleaning fee of 10,000 yen will be added, and if you use BBQ, a facility fee of 3,000 yen will be added.The payment amount will be the amount displayed on the screen immediately before the reservation is confirmed.

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【 Pets allowed 】Manner belt required
【 Walking distance to station 】Within 20 minutes from station
【 Old folk house 】Japanese house over 50 years old
【 For Groupe or Training Camp 】16 people or more