Shizuoka Atami

Andiamo a Atami■熱海のデザイナーズ貸切別荘

※Reservations can only be made on Saturdays and public holidays.
  The lowest price is 12,500yen…/Per night Per 1person
※The same rate for up to 4 people.Please select the correct number of people even within the same price. Children must be counted as one from 3 years old and over. Additional people will be charged from the 5th person.Extra cleaning fee of 8,000 yen will be added. The payment amount will be the amount displayed on the screen immediately before the reservation is confirmed.

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【 Pets allowed 】Manner belt required
【 Walking distance to station 】Within 20 minutes from station
【 Old folk house 】Japanese house over 50 years old
【 For Groupe or Training Camp 】16 people or more